Easter sunshine


I’m back to the blog after a few days of what I can only describe as a combination of writers block and a lack of faith in myself. It’s the Easter weekend and as myself and hubby no longer have little people in our lives (our children now being 22 & 23) it seems a little like the world has stopped and we are aimlessly wandering and wondering what to do with ourselves. It’s a very rare moment that I feel stuck to what to do so whilst hubby has ensconced himself watching War of the worlds I have returned to the BLOG!! I had a plan of action for what to do today but as I had a very long lie in after going back to bed after letting the chooks out and topping up the ‘Dark Destroyer’s’ supplies the plan has been shelved!


The sun is doing its best to shine and my girls are happily rootling and tootling in the garden.


Bake bread
Bake cake
Do crochet birdhouse- a cute little pattern I downloaded from Etsy
Finish off the happy flower.
Clean out chooks
Make dinner
Well the list is not exhaustive as you can imagine so I’m off to make a start.


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