3.47am I was rudely awoken by a very vocal Vinnie having a “crow off” with the neighbour’s cockerel Mr Darcy – this is not his name it’s the one I call him after my first encounter with him strutting around my garden all dark feathers and brooding looks. Vinnie was given to us by the lovely Theresa at Hens for pets, he’s a Vorwerk and a very handsome chap, Hubby felt our little flock of girls needed some discipline and so he came home with us, he is delightful and very funny to watch, I can literally lose an hour of my day watching my chooks rootling and tootling, Phoebe the escapologist,

“Phoebe the Escapologist”

Gwendolyn and Alice AKA Gwalice as we cannot tell who is who, Nigella, Prudence, Delia


and Flo-Jo who is feeling under the weather, she has been sulking for a few days, I’ve even had her in the kitchen with me so she can snooze in peace without having to suffer Vinnie’s advances.

Under the weather

Under the weather

This merry gang have had the run of the garden over the winter months and have kept the grass neatly trimmed but yesterday I decided it was time for them to go back into their very spacious pen and let the garden recover, so I set about repairing the fencing around the veg patch where their exploits into the main garden started a few months ago, I was helped by the girls as they have a very keen eye for any worms or insects that get unearthed, together we tidied and sorted out the veg patch.

Veggie Patch

Veggie Patch

I managed to coax them into their pen with a tasty treat of noodles and locked them in, all seemed well in Chickentopia, I went about tidying the rest of the garden and to my amazement was joined by Phoebe!!! How on earth had she escaped? Now chickens are cunning little devils and Phoebe had no intentions of going back to Chickentopia so a Benny Hillesque pursuit ensued, Phoebe being cheered on by Vinnie and the girls! Eventually I caught her by throwing a towel over her, she remained in the pen for the rest of the day and I tried to work out how she had escaped………. This morning however the game was up, the girls have taken to laying their eggs under a clump of pampas grass in the main garden, Phoebe has spent 15 minutes marching up and down the fence squawking and complaining about not being able to do this while I watched from the kitchen window, determined to have her own way she did what I can only describe as a running jump onto the gate and over into the garden then ran at full tilt into the little nest they have so lovingly created under the pampas, little does she know that I am waiting for her to emerge! After a sound telling off she is now back behind the gate but for how long who knows!


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