Busy Busy Busy!


What a mad few weeks I’ve had since I last had time to sit and write!

The cavorting frogs produced plenty of frogspawn which has now hatched into tiny little tadpoles, I was amazed at the speed this happens.

But the maddest thing that has happened is that hubby and I  popped over to the in laws for our usual weekly visit (obviously this is only usually mad when you take into account that dear old D-I-L is ever so slightly losing his memory) The usual things happen cup of tea, have you eaten? that kind of thing, when M-I-L announces we’re moving to Bude! can you take us at the weekend to have a look at some property? So a trip to the seaside was planned.

We were booked into a sweet little B&B then escorted around several apartments each one having its own charm, but secretly me and the hubby loved the first we viewed. After a few hours of oooing and ahhing over the size of the rooms, the distance from the beach and town etc hubby declared a snooze was in order as he had been up since 5am driven 300 miles then climbed what seemed to be the equivalent of the north face of the Eiger in stairs!

After what only seemed like minutes we were awoken from our slumber by a little tap on the door, its the old folks! “We’ve been and signed the forms and put a deposit down on one of the apartments!” pipes up M-I-L, so that  was that much jumping up and down with excitement and a couple more visits to the apartment (which was of course the very first we viewed) and a date was set for moving the 10th May!

In the weeks that followed 30 years of clutter was packed, recycled, rehomed, thrown out and sold. Moving day came and everything was packed into the lorry and disappearing down the M1 by 9am, followed by hubby myself and the old folk.


Oh the excitement of moving to the seaside!

We were going to hire a beach hut for the summer!

beach huts

It would be wall to wall sunshine!

On arrival in beautiful Bude the weather was doing its worst, but the hail and driving rain would not dampen our spirits!

Stormy weather

Stormy weather

Amazingly by teatime the furniture lorry arrived!

By 8.30pm we were sitting the local Indian Restaurant having left the apartment in a semi unpacked state.

Fast forward to the Bank Holiday weekend and Hubby and I are winging our way down to Cornwall on a visit to the Old Folk.




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