The end is nigh!


I will soon be finishing my first year at catering college and I seem to have been bogged down in exams and deadlines for assignments, but its half term and I am on top of things and the delicious thought of only 3 weeks left after that is spurring me on!

I haven’t written of the antics of myself and my fellow students yet and the scariness of being in a crazy busy kitchen on a lunchtime service that can wait until September when I will be back for my second year!

My true love is baking I’m not keen on the endless vegetable chopping side of things I like to make people happy with a gorgeous desert.

Poached Pears & Shortbread

Poached Pears & Shortbread

This was the result of my penultimate exam and I was deliriously happy when I was given a distinction! I would have cartwheeled but for the fact I’m a little unfit and slightly overweight!

I will, I promise write more about being a mature student surrounded by teens, my eyes have been well and truly opened!



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