Why do you have to keep on bringing back all this junk?

This a regular question posed by my long suffering hubby, he’s been a little worried since happening upon ‘The Hoarder next door’ but during the recent relocation of his parents my hoarding/junk addiction reached epic proportions, the thing is I love to upcycle pieces of old furniture but my procrastination on this often results in things just staying as they are which is why poor hubby often just shakes his head and mutters “mad woman” under his breath when I come through the door with the latest find.

Anyway after a little bit of a tussle with him over the relocation of several pieces of M-I-L’s furniture he agreed to load the van and bring said items to their new home.

CHest of drawers


The little Beswick coffee set and the murano were also given to me by the M-I-L

I have plans for each piece and will post as they are finished.

I need to sign off now as I can hear one of my beautiful chickens in the kitchen raiding the cat biscuits!!!!!


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